Yes! Now I have a complete set of the Odas. They’re all so pretty, hurrr~

I kind of want to play with Nobutada’s braid. It’s like a tail. I like pulling on animals’ tail… Not like in a mean and hurting way. Just light tugs for fun.

And that’s actually not the naked sprite. It’s his “casual wear” one (he IS wearing a kimono and stuff). ‘cept that it looks like that because he’s as shameless as Dad. Maybe worse. He rarely gets out of his daily “formal” clothes though. Puppy is surprisingly the most conservative one of the three XD (actually Taka is even more conservative than Puppy, but he’s not here, so… he doesn’t count)

Hm. I forgot if Solmare had the sprites cut down to reflect their height difference. I thought they did, but I’m not so sure. I’ll check later, but for now I did cut it down to fit the height difference.

Nobutada is the tallest one, hohohoho (yeah, taller than Nobu).